Sacred Singularity

by Skytree

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“You have an endless wellspring of unconditional love within you, that no one can ever take away, change or destroy. Your lifespark is a direct connection to the cosmos itself - to the Zero Point of All Things. We seek our Source but we are of that One Source, and we are infinite ways of Knowing. Find yourself and you shall find the Universe. We are all quantum singularities of Infinite Creation, echoing forth the Core through fractal apertures of Spirit. We are forgetful stellar light. There is nothing to add - but everything to remember. We often seek love yet we ARE love. We have all the love we could ever need. I love you! Be blessed and create paradise today my friends...endless thanks for listening and for your co-creation.”

- Skytree

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released October 11, 2012

Artwork by Archan Nair:

Vocals in "Keep It Sacred, Keep It Safe" by Srikalogy:

"Running With The Wolves" written and recorded by Cloud Cult - remixed with permission and original multi-track recordings:

Vocais in "Dreamtime" by Waters:

"Anthony Ayahuasca" written and recorded by Space Jesus - remixed with permission and original multi-track recordings:

All other sounds and production by Evan Snyder, aka Skytree.



all rights reserved


Skytree New York, New York

Sounds generated by resonant materials, minerals, plants, animals and artifacts.


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Track Name: Iridescent Tesseract
"All causative actions arrise
and all results develop in Time and Space
in accordance with the positive characteristics
of the various states of mind
and self-presumed knowledge
that underly and cause the actions themselves.
Truth is of an inherently transcendental nature.
The idea of separate self-existence, as an independent self entity
or quantifyable Ego I
is an illusion.

All of conditional existence,
whether of the world or of the presumed Ego I,
is characterized by non-separateness
and mutual inter-dependence -
inherently void or empty.

A living being, necessarily originating as a non-separate process."

- Adi Da Samraj
Track Name: Keep It Sacred, Keep It Safe ft. Srikalogy
"Like a tree
Growing upside down with it's roots in the clouds
Birds fly by
Nest in the sky
Come for a ride
on the back of an eagle
The world a canvas, the landscape the easel
Move mountainsides
The arcs they float
The waters divide
Scenery undivined
The heart reminds
It heeds you to see it through the eyes divine
The words they fail
A touch transmutes intelligent design
Pick up the vibration,
Ancient, new
Dock the station
The sound, the spaceship
Brace the elevation
Visit the place
Yeah, our Star Nation

Keep it Sacred, Keep it Safe
Keep it Sacred, Keep it Safe…

Imagination is gold
My powers flow
Made of grasses, as they slide between the toes
A scent pleasant, but unknown
Touches the notes,
the winds that blow the chimes set the tone
Footsteps found where
toes see leaves grow
If we meet soon, I'll wait for my window
…of opportunity
It's not by chance
It's the lever of you and me
You see results, ain't nothing new to me
I keep it framed usually in my line of sight
As I walk the night
Use the Moon for light
To commune with you
Send a thought in flight

A sound wave in the ether, contains the teacher
That upgrades the features, invoke change in the seeker
The exchange never sweeter
Translated to bass, which emantes from your speakers

Keep it Sacred, Keep it Safe
Keep it Sacred, Keep it Safe…"

- Srikalogy
Track Name: Cloud Cult - Running With The Wolves (Skytree remix)
"And we were runnin
For a reason
For the burning
In our veins

And we were runnin
Just need to get away
Left our cubicles in little flaming piles
I need to feel something different
For just a little while

Tell them I'm sorry
Sorry for leaving
No more runnin
To find meaning
Now I'm stayin
I'm staying with the wolves

We're gone
And we're never comin back

Runnin with the wolves
We're screaming at the stars
Runnin with the wolves
Runnin with the stars

Left all our clothes
With the car back by the road
And we were runnin
For a reason

You can burn all my mail
And disconnect my phone
We left all we own
In a hole in our back yard

And we were runnin
For a reason
Runnin with the wolves
Screaming at the stars
I need to feel something different for just a little while"

- Craig Minowa
Track Name: Dreamtime ft. Waters
"Starin at the man in the mirror
Working on a plan, trying to see em all clearer
I keep expanding but the finish line ain't getting nearer
My death is closing in but I don't care cause I don't fear it
Cause I know it don't stop even if I perish
I keep focussing, persevering through the lyrics
Stearin like a Lear over the pacific,
Gotta find my peers and my kindred spirits...
Earth, fire, wood, metal, monk-like focus,
Boom! Shaolin Temple
I ain't comin down the mountain til I finish my vision
Nothing but the truth, all I do is spit knowledge
Play by different rules this is quantum physics
Make music from the heart and sell a record a day…
or go pop and go platinum with nothing to say
As long as I keep dancin then I'll always be paid
Move like jet streams…
Prepared to give it what it means so I'm sure I get it
Liven by the minute cause the moment's all I'm given
Got no time for gimmicks, I stay on my mission
My mind is a diamond, and I'm mindin my business
Can my actions manifest the dreams we have for us all?
Will the passion that I have outlast the rest of the storm?
Will I weather it and better myself then pass it along?
Will I weather even the presence after I'm gone?
Move like jet streams…
(Only that real hip hop)
I have to be strong, I have to go hard
Cause bein average or passive-aggressive won't pass at all, come on!
So I just shine like that, I rhyme like that
No propositions, just my thoughts at any given time in the moment..."

- Waters
Track Name: Space Jesus - Anthony Ayahuasca (Skytree's Quetzalcoatl remix)
"Feel the potency of your emotional identity
See yourself beyond the years of your conditioning
Beyond your addictions
Beyond the disappointment
Beyond the pain of being human in this dualistic mortal paradigm
Beyond fear
As the hawk soars above the level of mundane reality,
To see the overview - fly with her
Circle above your life
Above your identity
Adopting a broader vision of your Earth drama
The higher you go, the smaller it all becomes
As you begin to see the essence of others
And of yourself
To experience the interconnectedness of all Life

As you contemplate your reality
Through your eye
The window of your perception
Your world gathers its elemental senses
To mirror your awareness
The truth of creation
Gazes back at you

Feel yourself opening
To the fundamental beginnings of healing
Forgiveness is a forward movement
Without it, you will run aground
In the stagnant waters of judgement and denial
Forgiveness is you cooperating with the evolution of your soul
And the impeccability of creation
Forgiveness is knowing there is nothing to forgive

Before the first breath
Before the first heartbeat
Is the first choice"

- 1st Template Ceremony - Original Innocence
Track Name: Crystalline Entity
"I get a raw crystal, cut this crystal and finish it
To the point where it is tuned like a laser
It is really a mind laser
Down to the point where it becomes sensitive to your patterns of thought
The discover we've made is the following
When I achieve this end, to my great joy and surprise
When I measure water, I get exactly the same reading I get on the crystal
The initial vortex is not in the electromagnetic field
It's information
It's informational transfer

To all of you who are listening at this time
Go to a rock shop and pick up a handful of small inexpensive crystals
Of all different variety, shape and form
And get a book on geology
It will fascinate you from beginning to end to realize
The wonderful course of nature
As she grows these crystals
Down to the ages

We have this wonderful world of crystals
The amethyst
The jade
The quartz
And each of them have their own unique properties
As you learn to study them
You'll be able to discover these properties
And enjoy them

The cutting I've made of crystals are for specific purposes
For scientific purposes
But I love a simple little crystal as much as a child
I've enjoyed being with all of you
I thank God for the gifts He has given me
And I've enjoyed the moments we have had together.


- Marcel Vogel